New blog!

My sister and I

My sister and me

My journey as a DC journalist started years ago, but it hasn’t taken off until now. Or at least I hope it takes off this time around. The summer of 2007 was life changing, to say the least, because it gave me a peek into the telescope that is DC. I could see what I was missing from afar, but it looked like something that could be within reach and something I could love. The Capitol was at my fingertips, all the major network stations a metro ride away, and all major news publications came to life. At 20 years old, I made it my goal to come back. In same way, shape, or form. I feel lucky to be one of the few people to say, simply, I got what I wanted. I wanted American University–and now I’m here full time for the next year. I wanted an internship at a network station–bingo. The scrolling jackpot lemons were lining up. The next bing is yet to come, and one of the biggest challenges I’ll face: A JOB!


The challenge wouldn’t be half as complicated if I knew what I wanted to do. I loved TV. I loved writing. I love reading blogs and my news online, and I plan to jump on that bandwagon as well. But what to do next? There are hundreds of intelligent, experienced journalists out there without jobs, not because they can’t fulfill their duties, but because there simply aren’t openings. With a year left, I hope to suck in as much as I can before my work is put to the ultimate test: the interview for an entry level job at a major media outlet. Will my year of school make a difference? Will my internships make a difference? Will the technology I use change by the time I’m out. This blog will try to tell that story: my change with the media’s change.


One thought on “New blog!

  1. Ladan, this is so exciting! I’m definitely bookmarking this and keeping up with your progress as a budding journalist. I’m so excited for you and am looking forward to reading about all of the cool things you’re up to this year!

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