Bootcamp Day 2

DSCN0119 Professor Olmsted teaches Bootcamp along with Professor David Johnson. Today we discussed creating our own Web site, updating blogs, and multimedia Journalism. We had an intense day of HTML and Dreamweaver that will help us build our own Web sites in the weeks to come. The program has morphed through the years just as the industry has changed. The print and broadcast students learn the same material, signifying the synergy happening within the industry. Today, I spoke with Professor Olmsted about the shift in the program.


Professor Olmsted has been teaching bootcamp for a number of years, and she says this is the first year American has focused on multimedia journalism. Traditionally, the program has been an introduction to the basics of journalism, where students write stories and have them critiqued.

“[The goal is to] introduce people to all different types of storytelling,” said Olmsted. The program reflects the direction of the industry, and AU will provide us with the latest equipment for the job.

The school just opened a new Mac lab, equipped with all the essential programs, including Dreamweaver, Photoshop,  Illustrator, and Final Cut, and not to mention almost movie-size screens. We have access to digital cameras, “flip cams,” and digital recorders, which I am hoping to master by the end of the program. Now all I need to learn is how to shoot video on the full size cameras!

Coryn uses multimedia!

Olmsted hopes students will develop a “deep understanding of the fact that the world of journalism has changed forever where we are multimedia producers of content.” I hope to approach my work as “content” rather than a “package” or a “story,” because to be honest, that’s what news really is. The challenge for graduate students is to learn how to take infinite content and relay it through the best medium possible.

This year’s class has a unique mix of fresh-out-of college students, young professionals, veteran journalists and newbies coming fresh out of other careers. Olmsted says our class is a high-energy group with a lot of diversity. She says the multitide of experiences will provide a much richer experience. You can look at my fellow classmates’ blogs at


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