Ladan’s first package at American University

Below is the video my partner and I have been working on for the past two days. For a traditional package, this video is about thirty seconds too long. However, I think it’s a solid attempt to learn the basics of shooting and video editing.

The story doesn’t include voice overs (VOs) or standups, so the challenge for us became telling a narrative entirely through other voices. I’ve seen stories done like this frequently as “web extras” on news Web sites, so this was great practice for web journalism. I would have approached my questioning differently if I knew ahead of time that the story would be told by the people who were interviewed.

My partner and I found many great people to speak with, including the assistant manager, an employee, kayakers, canoers, tourists, an avid rower, and a local. We also tried to get multiple perspectives on the “to kayak or not to kayak in 100 degree weather” debate. After shifting slides here and there on Final Cut Pro, we worked hard to build a narrative out of a non-urgent story.

The subjects wasn’t breaking news, nor was the theme well defined. We didn’t find that everyone agreed on the success of the boating business during heatwaves, which ended up becoming the theme of the story. Without the help of written transitions or explanations, we presented the nature of the boating business in Georgetown during these rough days of heat. Upon looking at the final product, I noticed a few areas of improvement (pardon my shaky hands!) Now I know that I need to work on holding the camera still, making audio more fluid, and finding a strong angle to any type of story. Advice and comments are welcome!


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