To the start of something new

I pushed the power button and it felt like I was beginning a new life–one with more graphics and a longer-lasting battery.

My MacBook Pro was everything I wanted for Christmas. At the risk of sounding like an ad, it started with ease and transferred my content from my old computer within minutes. The screen glistened against the background of the multicolored lights on my Christmas tree and its silky silver exterior blended with the shine of the ribbons on gifts nearby.

With every new beginnings comes an end, and for me, it was the end of my relationship with my Dell Latitude. Although I complain a lot about the ole D 610, it did serve me for some of my toughest times within the past five years.

It saw my first college paper–which was a theoretical analysis on the social context of a Simpsons episode. Not exactly groundbreaking, but it was my first time dissecting a piece of media to see how it affects our lives.

It watched the first draft of my resume unfold, and subsequently go through many facelifts. I cringe looking at the original Word template.

It witnessed thousands of conversations between growing friendships and relationships through AIM. It also saw  a number of fights, freakouts over different problems, and silly late-night procrastinating chats that bore new and hilarious phrases and vocabulary.

It endured the many drafts and edits that went into each of my newspaper and magazine articles written for school media.

It helped me connect with my friends and family when everyone went abroad my junior year. Without it, I wouldn’t have seen my sister for six months.

It dictated my 100 page memoir last year that I had to write within weeks. It saw many late nights, breakdowns, and moments of inspiration.

It stored album upon album of college memories that eventually made their way to Facebook. Although I could scroll through them online, I always found myself looking to the albums on my dell when I missed someone and wanted to take a peak at our fun times.

It served as my permanent office and at-home computer during my internship at Austin Woman magazine. When the company lost all of their archives and databases, the D610 was the only computer that had any copies. They would’ve been screwed without it.

It saw the many applications I filled for internships, summer programs, and graduate school that have so far ended up working out. I hope Mac will see the same luck.

It helped me start my first blog, Facebook page, Linkedin account, Pandora, and amazon accounts.

Most recently, it helped me get through finals with late nights in the AU library and frequent travel to and from coffee houses, home and school.

Despite the broken harddrives, screens, internet connection, batteries, and keyboards, I know I couldn’t have made it this far without it.

Will the Mac be more helpful or bring me more luck? Who knows. It’ll give me access to the programs I need/want to learn this semester like flash, indesign, photoshop and dreamweaver. It’ll enable me to transfer projects easier and store more content. I hope it’ll see some interesting projects unfold and give me the tools I need to produce better journalism.


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