Ridiculous Snow in DC = Everything stops

Above is a video of the BEGINNING of the snow storm yesterday. It continued throughout the night while I was at my friend kat’s house. When she tried to drive me home, I ended up having to push her car up a hill with a plow guy.

Needless to say, our adventure ended early last night and we succumbed to the snow spell. Today, after many rounds of Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart later, we braved the 3.5 mile walk back to my place. Instead of seeing a white tundra, the city seemed to be bustling with activity…at least from walkers and the few people with SUVs. Everyone smiled at each other as if to say “thank God I’m not the only crazy one.” I even saw a few men in skis skirting down Wisconsin Avenue, which is usually clogged with traffic. It was a peaceful camaraderie and a quiet I havent heard in a while.

Businesses shut down, schools shut down, and everything seemed to stop just for a day. By tomorrow or Monday, the city will be alive again with countless events, nervous commuters and journalists with deadlines. Next week will be a big one, with three evening events and my family coming in for the weekend. But for now, it’s nice that life can stop for a second; homework, work work, physical activity, outings, stresses…everything but TV and Internet. haha


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