Cover it Live is awesome

This week, I wear my editor cap and manage The American Observer as we round the corner to spring break. The American Forum took place just a few hours ago and I was also in charge of managing our coverage. Joe, Andy, Kristen, Kristin and Will did great at their parts, which made things easy for me. But Professor Johnson challenged me with trying a new software called “Cover It Live” to live blog the event. Naturally, I got nervous and reluctant to try a new software that would involve messing with our Drupal site. I almost didn’t do it, until something happened 15 minutes before it went live–things worked.

I’m used to seeing the “error” message on a computer screen. I had issues getting the “Ustream” to work, but Cover It Live was easy to register for, install, and use during the session. Huffington Post used it last week and I see that other media are starting to use it. I would recommend it to any Internet news site for getting your coverage out there as fast as possible.

Cover It Live is unique because it updates the feed without the person having to refresh the page. Best of all–it’s free if you sign up for a certain package! You can also embed Twitter feeds, photos, videos, submit polls and manage comments. Below is an example of what it looks like (click on the link). I’d like to use this in a future assignment and maybe this blog!

This is Cover It Live


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