A weekend of reporting

Here are my long-delayed photos from two great events I attended and reported on this weekend. On Friday, I went to College Park, MD to a local cafe called “Berwyn Cafe” for an environmental fundraiser. The group, Pick Up America, was so helpful and seemed really passionate about their cause. Coryn and I wrote a story on them that made the front of The American Observer. It really shows how youth in this country are stepping up, rejecting those stuffy office jobs and doing what they love. Best of all, they’re doing something positive and in a very organic way are picking up the mistakes of our older generations.

Hannah Spiro performing for the fundraiser

On Saturday, I attended the Ayyam-i-ha celebration with the Baha’i community in Washington, D.C. Ayyam-i-ha is the celebration just before the fasting period for Baha’is that takes place prior to the new year. Their new year syncs with Norooz, which this year is on March 20. They sang a mix of songs from different cultures and languages, shared prayers and provided entertainment for the children. It was wonderful to meet such a diverse group of people and to get to know more Iranians in my community. I felt comfortable and welcomed, but not pressured into converting or anything like that. I’m working on a few stories related to the Baha’i community. All due by the time I go to San Fran.

Sean Gallagher sings Baha'i songs ringing in the festival

Sean Gallagher sings Baha'i songs ringing in the festival


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