The sweetest thing about Spring…

the best thing since frozen kit kat bars

The snow has finally melted, it’s raining like hell, college basketball is on TV, and I’m slowly phasing out the peacoat and signature read scarf I’ve been wearing since October. It’s officially spring in Washington, D.C. and WARMER than sunny San Francisco. Next week I will return to the concrete city and can hopefully ditch the boots for the many flip flops I brought this past summer. But the biggest sign that spring has come for cookie lovers across the US? Girl Scout season.

The fat girl inside of me comes out when it’s Girl Scout cookie season. I was in the car with my cousins in San Francisco and gasped when I saw the stand outside of a nearby grocery store. I haven’t seen any in DC yet, so I figured it was my one and only chance to get a box. I normally hate chocolate, but there’s something about the crispy inside  mixed with the creamy peanut butter all coated with a light, milky chocolate layer of the tagalongs that’s simply addicting. By the way, they went up to FOUR DOLLARS a box, so this will be my one and only.

“The recession has even hit the Girl Scouts,” laughed one of the moms. I cringed pulling out the extra dollar, but they knew just as well as I did that it wouldn’t stop me from buying it altogether. In the end, we buy things that are worth it to us even if the price goes up and even if we can’t afford it.

I’ve found that  this year, my “exceptions” list has gone up. “I can’t afford it…unless it’s someone’s birthday, I have no food at home, I haven’t been out in a while, I’m tired from working out, I’m having a bad day, or I feel like I’ve earned it from working so hard.” This time, no exceptions.

I’ve been working out pretty regularly all semester and have upped the level of my workouts substantially within the past few weeks. I’ve also been better about buying food out, spending money frivolously and getting to my homework before Sunday night at 9:00pm. At the same time though, I’m no longer making money, my workload is about to increase, a lot of social events are coming up, I have these mysterious exams called “comp exams” in April that determine whether or not you graduate, and I have to think about where I’m moving/where I’m working in July. If I want to stay fiscally, academically, socially and physically fit, I have to stay on task and make no exceptions. Well, except maybe for one…tiny…box of tagalongs 🙂


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