Update: Remembering my commuting companion

My last post detailed my top 10 “repeat” songs that get me through my mornings, and evenings, coming to and from school and work. It’s been there for me through tough decisions, sleepless nights of writing, and long waits on my journey through life. Today, I clicked the button, trying to scroll to a song that took me away from the Monday rain, and alas, everything went black.

Today, my little blue iPod died. My orignial iPod died two and a half years ago while I was at my first internship ever in Washington, D.C. Back when I was 20, riding the metro and bus over an hour to get to the USA Today building out in McLean. I realized how dependent on it I was when I found myself twiddling my thumbs, glossing through the Express and humming my favorite songs in my head. I immediately went to the Apple store in Bethesda and purchased my blue iPod nano (not the fancy ones with the long screens and built-in cameras, but the 2 GB, regularly sized screen). Since then, that iPod has been to London, Spain, Paris, Texas, California, Mexico, Oregon, Indiana, Washington, Chicago, four different living arrangements, two universities and over ten jobs.

It has served as the background to my young adult life, and I bid it farewell. But I know my addiction, and I know I’ll need to suck it up and buy another one pretty soon.


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