A Christmas…I mean…rainy Monday Miracle!!!!

So I kind of feel like that guy to announced Tim Russert’s death on Wikipedia hours before he was declared deceased by NBC. Or like an overdramatic fool who gave up too soon.

After sifting through Amazon iPod listings, calling my parents to see if I had enough funds, and complaining over the Internet, I decided to revive my iPod once last time. I figured it was good and dead because I tried to restart it many times in the morning and it failed to charge. My friend, Lauren Orsini, encouraged me to try one more time to revive it, and this time, to wait longer, be patient, and see what happens.

I did everything exactly the same as I did earlier in the morning but this time, the little apple appeared and pumped some life back into my old friend. He was low on juice, but alive nonetheless.

Today, I might have been a bit dramatic to say the least. It could have been the rainy weather, the fact that it was a Monday, the mounting stress that’s taking place in all aspects of my life, or just my overal pessimism within the past few days. Although this isn’t a huge miracle by any means, it still served as a quick reminder for me:

Be Patient. Wait, and even if something seems hopeless, or as good as dead, keep trying. If you know it’s something meaningful to you, it’ll be worth one more press of the reset button.


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