“Suitin up” at ASNE

I'm live bloggin with some classmates at the ASNE conference Tuesday morning

Note: I don’t wear suits..ever…never had the need to. My mom sent this to me randomly and insisted I keep it. It came in handy today, and now I know how Barney Stinson feels!

It was interesting and also eye opening to attend the ASNE conference Tuesday, where I got to hear from many leaders of the journalism community talk about how to preserve and prolong our careers. Some talks were highly archaic (follow my twitter analysis @twitter.com/ladansusan and the Web site blog at http://asne10.blogspot.com/) while others hit it right on the money. At the end, I got up and asked a question (very shakily), but nonetheless, one they couldn’t really answer. The topic was on “should the government fund the news?” Most reactions were an astounding “NO!” for obvious reasons. However, they failed to mention that taxpayers are now paying for international broadcasting, which is produced by American (and intl) journalists, competes with independent media and is now available to Americans via the Internet. When I brought this up and asked the panelists to compare the two (why is 1 allowed while the other is profusely frowned upon) well..they didn’t really know. Truth is, neither do I.

Read my story on the event @ www.americanobserver.net tomorrow afternoon along with coverage by Kim Chi Ha, Lauren Orsini, Joe Liu and Andy Medici.


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