2010 Amnesty International Human Rights Report released today

Once my law test is over, I’ll be doing a deeper analysis of this report…but for now, have a look at the Web site to see where your country of interest fared.

Overall, human rights violations have obviously gone up in recent years, but due to the vast spread of information, violators are being thrusted into the spotlight and held accountable for their actions.

Also today–a gripping, disturbing account of rights violations in Iran by the New York Times. We’ve read these stories a million times, but this one upset me while commuting to work. You would think I’d be numb to these stories by now, but this one gave me a jolt–a reminder that this is real. These violations in ALL countries against women, minorities, youth and the weak could happen to anyone, and we should care even if our lives are comfortable. Right now, our environment is suffering tremendously because of the oil spill (among a million other things), and governments have been incredibly slow at responding. Again, while people or others that don’t seem to affect our lives are suffering, the response has been docile of not apathetic. I’m not saying it’s our JOB per se as journalists to unveil these issues, but it’s something we as humans should want to do and have the power to do through our trait.

Gotta get through this law test…then I’ll read the report and divulge my findings.


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