Hello, Blog. I missed you.

I’ve tried a few times to catch up on the many….many DC foreign policy events I haven’t been able to report on in the last two weeks. Unfortunately, life, school, trips around the country got in the way. But now, my last graduate class officially ended on Friday and I have the rest of the summer to work at RFE and figure out my next step in life.

Tomorrow, there will be no more excuses–I will continue covering human rights, global issues and foreign affairs from Washington, D.C. This week, Russian President Medevev will be in the U.S. to talk with President Obama about the START “reset” treaty that aims to lower nuclear weapons around the world. More news of upcoming UN and US sanctions against Iran will be announced this week, and I will report the latest on what’s to come. Also, near the end of the week, we’ll take a look at Pakistan from the perspective of a journalist captured by the Taliban and the head of an international broadcasting service. I’m sure a few interesting features stories and think tank reports will make headlines, and I’ll do my best to feature those too.

This week I also submitted my first blog to the Huffington Post and I’ll be writing regular stories on college issues from interning to marketing yourself for your future career. In between work and freelancing, I’ll be “job hunting” (whatever that means), planning out my move at the end of July and trip to Indy, and catching up with friends in D.C. Last summer was insanely busy with my internship at NBC, classes, housing and preparing for graduate school. This year has shaped out to be just as intense. Can’t wait.


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