Soldier who leaked U.S. apache attack video to be charged

video available on YouTube or Collateral Murder

FIRST thought: So…this soldier who leaked a video showing the blatant murder of two journalists is being prosecuted….why aren’t the soldiers who committed these war crimes being prosecuted?

Yes…he broke the law–he obtained classified information and made it public. But by doing so, he revealed something much greater.

If you haven’t seen it, you must take a look at this video and listen to the conversation between two soldiers targeting the journalists. They weren’t sure that they were journalists, but the “insurgents” were not attacking anyone nor were they showing signs of aggression.

According to “Iraq Body Count,” between 96,845 and 105,596 civilians have been killed during the Iraq war thus far, but there’s no real way of knowing how many truly have been killed in the line of fire. The Committee to Protect Journalists issued a request to Sec. Gates asking for an investigation of the murders, as well as the murder of SIXTEEN other journalists who have been killed. The request stated:

“While we have not found evidence that U.S. troops intentionally targeted journalists in any of these cases, our research shows that the majority of the killings were either not sufficiently investigated or that the military failed to publicly disclose its findings.”

CPJ also lists the names and details of journalists killed on the job, providing news and insight to the wars we support and fund.

The Committee also states that in most cases of war, journalists are the targets of murder rather than dying in the line of fire by accident. This case shows an instance of targeted murder, although it is true that the soldiers didn’t know they were reporters. In any case, they were racially profiled, followed and killed when they weren’t carrying weapons or showing signs of aggression.


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