Preview: Brookings Releases Middle East Public Opinion Poll

Tomorrow at 10 AM, Brookings will formally release their findings of the 2010 Arab Public Opinion Poll that details views of the Obama Administration, the War in Afghanistan and Iran’s Nuclear program from the perspective of major Middle East countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and UAE.

They did release some key findings ahead of time, including a noticeable change in views towards Obama as President and head of the US military.While in 2009, 51% expressed optimism, that number has plummeted to 16%. More than half say they are “discouraged” by his performance.

However, the most interesting finding to me was that “A majority of the Arab Public now sees a nuclear-armed Iran as being BETTER for the Middle East.” This view contradicts many of the events I went to last month where experts said Middle Eastern countries fear a nuclear Iran.

The percent of Middle Easterners who feel Iran’s acquisition of a nuclear weapon would be “positive” increased from 29-57% since last year.

Find out more info on the event here


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