TBD Launches today and opens up community network

I got a message first thing this morning from a friend who told me my list of D.C. foreign policy events this week was on the home page of the long-awited TBD.com, which has taken the place of WJLA.com and will serve as D.C.’s newest go-to site for all things local. I am lucky enough to be a part of the scores of bloggers on their community network, who will provide in depth coverage of everything from politics to food to the woes of public transportation.

What am I doing on the site, you may ask?

I came to D.C. for two reasons: to get my masters from A.U. in journalism and live in the center for international activity. I knew by being in a city with such diversity, culture and intellect, I would be able to pursue a career as a foreign policy and international journalist. I came from a small college in Indiana and was probably the only Iranian at the entire school (other than my twin sister). Now that I’ve been here for a year, I have met people from every corner of the world, seen major international policies being made (in person) and met some of the brightest officials and experts from around the world. D.C. is very unique in its presence of prominent foreign leaders, major international events and obviously the State Department.

The only problem was, I had a difficult time figuring out the D.C. foreign police machine. Laura Rozen’s blog, Steve Clemons’ The Washington Note and Josh Rogin’s reporting were extremely helpful, but I couldn’t help but want more.

I decided to start a blog based on my daily activity working as a news/communications fellow Radio Free Europe in Washington. I would make it my goal to go to as many foreign policy press conferences, think tanks, human rights groups and cultural events as I could. But I also want to expand that role by going to a number of embassy activities, performances and political rallies to get a feel for what it means to live in the center of international activity.

There’s a wide net of ethnic groups and interests in D.C., so I know as one person I can’t possibly embody them all. But I try to focus on key think tanks, events on the Hill, visits from foreign officials and countries we are deeply involved with at this time (i.e. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, China).

I also provide a comprehensive list of blogs, resources and news sites of interest to international news junkies and foreign visitors who need to get around D.C.

Email me with suggestions or events you want covered at ladansusan@gmail.com or Tweet me.


3 thoughts on “TBD Launches today and opens up community network

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