Why I Unfollowed You on Twitter

I’ve only unfollowed a few people on Twitter, and I gotta say, it took a lot of patience before I reached the breaking point. For some of us Twitter nerds out there, we monitor how many followers we have and cringe when we see the numbers drop. Most of the time, it’s just a bot discovered and deactivated, but sometimes it’s someone who decided they didn’t want you to pop up on their feed anymore. A few of them discovered that I unfollowed them and got personally offended…to which I would like to respond—give me a reason to follow you, then I will.

If you post silly updates, news stories that don’t interest me or flat out stop posting for a month, I will look the other way. But there are a few key Twitter “don’ts” that will get you blocked faster than you can type 140 characters.

I present: How to NOT annoy me on Twitter

Post things I care about

Remember to link your stuff–I wont trust it (unless you’re Anderson Cooper or something) if I don’t see the link!

Quit with wasteful hashtags. Saying stuff like #omg or #ihatemylife or #lolz are a total waste and quite frankly make you look like a twitter snob. It’s obnoxious!

If you are a marketer or PR person I don’t know, do not tweet me unless you have something i would actually want. Don’t follow me either—i get excited when I see a new person has and then I come to see you’re following 50,000 people and have 70 followers…

Mix it up. Add some personal pizzaz to your tweets if you’re just going to regurgitate news stories or retweet things.

Don’t @ like ten people on irrelevant things. I see what you’re doing on my feed. You’re that kid in class who waves “me me me” when the teacher is trying to think of someone to call on.

Don’t check in at your house. Seriously. The point of 4 square was so people on twitter could be like “oh wow that sounds like an interesting place,” or meet up with you if they’re nearby. Do you really want people finding you at your house? Didn’t think so.

Don’t blast out 10 tweets at a time. I’ll only read the first and second from the top.

Lastly, it’s ok to self promote (that is one of the main functions of Twitter), but do it with class


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