Where Have I Been?

I almost cringe looking at the date on my last entry, and I feel I have some explaining to do.

Things are a lot different from when I last blogged. Apparently, AEI went through an Internet outage which resulted in a wasted workday during the holidays. Now, I’ve past my one-year anniversary, went through a major website redesign/migration (check it out), personnel changes, and I’ve picked up some new skills in the process.  I can now fully understand HTML code, I’ve experimented with online marketing, and most importantly, I’m learning A LOT about politics and policy that will be critical to the next election.

While it’s been great learning new things (which is why journalism and new media excite me), I have lost something important in the process. I’ve grown up writing, telling stories, talking to people about what drives them, and finding new ways of communicating. This past year, I feel like I’ve been in somewhat of a black hole because I’ve been working behind-the-scenes…or I guess I should say, behind-the-screens. I could blame the long hours my job requires, the other qualities I’m trying to carve out in my overall package, and generally being too busy because of other obligations. But I know what they say is true–if you want to call yourself a writer, you better write. And today, where it’s so easy to publish yourself, there’s no excuse not to. My current supervisor, who happens to be an excellent, seasoned journalist, said it perfectly the other day–writing is like a muscle. If you don’t flex it enough, you will lose it.

I’m afraid I’m as wimpy as this guy, and it’s time to drop the excuses. Now that I’ve settled into my routine, finished the department’s major project, and am starting to get my life back, I’m going to try to flex my muscles and give this an honest try.


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