me on CSPAN asking a question to a State Department official

Here are a few examples of my work over the years. If you’d like to see more from Austin Woman, St. Louis Woman or The Cauldron, feel free to shoot me an email.

Me in the Media

Interviewed by NBC Nightly News on Facebook Privacy

American University School of Communication features me for post on TBD network

Me in a commercial for TBD’s Community Network (DC Foreign Policy Beat featured)

Interview with B94.5 in State College, PA on Intern Advice Story:

Ladan talks blogging, social media with UGA summer students

DePauw highlights MSNBC post for alumni page

TIME Magazine

An Iranian Freedom Fighter


The Power of Facebook in post-election turmoil


Social Media Is What You Make It

Cowen vs. Scrution: What Is Social Media Really Replacing?

The Huffington Post

Why Waiting It Out Does No One Any Good: Today’s New Class of Workers Must Fight for the American Dream

10 Relationship Values That Will Help in Your Internship

Advice for Interns: How to be helpful but not annoying

Life After Interning: How to make the most of your exit

Hearst Corporation

National Book Fest coverage for Houston Chronicle and Albany Times Union

Study: Texas among deadliest places to drive; Republican states have most dangerous drivers

Tea Party Express Rolls its Way Through Texas

Greater Houston Partnership CEO backs immigration reform at heated hearing

Houston Group Lobbies for Immigration Reform

White House: Texas will lose Thousands of Jobs if Republicans cancel stimulus spending

Poll: Arab Americans Strongly Favor Democrats in November

Galveston officials reject city’s inclusion on list of 25 most dangerous neighborhoods in U.S.

Houston energy group honors green businesses on Capitol Hill

Poll: Most Texans like Obama–but likely voters do not

Houston incumbents stockpile cash, have huge edge in final weeks of campaign

Efforts to challenge, intimidate voters on the rise in Texas and across nation

Photo Gallery: 20 Women to Watch in the 2010 Elections

On The Daily Show, Rick Perry says lawmakers catch the DC “virus” when they cross the Potomac

Slideshow and story: Veterans Day in Arlington National Cemetery

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Baha’is in Iran Await Justice for Demolished Homes, Graves

Israeli, Palestinian Leaders Agree to Second Round of Talks

Wikileak’s Afghan War Reports Stir Debates on Journalism, Law

Rights Groups Campaign Against Iranian Mother’s “Imminent” Stoning

Despite Muslim Disapproval, Global Image of the U.S. Remains Positive

Interviewing Roxana Saberi (with Rudi Bakhtiar, Hadi Ghaemi, and Maziar Bahari) on what to expect June 12, 2010

Interviewing Christiane Amanpour on World Press Freedom Day: Honoring the fallen

Live Blog: Crisis in Central Asia

Watchdog: Baha’i Leaders Enter Third Year of Imprisonment in Iran

Journalists in Trouble: Bloggers Behind Bars

Off Mic: RFE/RL’s Esfandiari Moderates Forum on Iranian Blogosphere

Journalists in Trouble: Testimonials-Iranian Journalists Tell Their Story

Q and A: International lawyer and Author Sovaida Ma’ani Ewing on Persecution of Baha’is

Radio Free Iraq Helps Iraqi Prisoners in Saudi Arabia

The Iranian Opposition, the nuclear issue and the West

The American Observer

Youth Take to the Capitol on Climate Legislation

The Tea Party Gets a Facelift

News editors balance new media and past traditions at American Society of News Editor’s annual conference

Students advocate conservation through film

(most viewed story August 2009-present) U.S. Military Presence in Foreign Countries Exceeds Rest of World

Anti-Americanism: Tool for Kremlin Control over Russians

Youth Hike Across the Country to Pick Up America

Audio Slideshow: The Faces of the Tea Party

Hundreds of Thousands Expected to Protest at Anniversary of Iranian Revolution

Chesapeake Bay Critters Suffer from Climate Change and Pollution

Opposition Strengthens Around Obama’s Health Care Plan

How Social Networking Defined a Revolution

Iraq’s Future Lies in Successful Self Governance

D.C. City Council Votes “Yes” to Same Sex Marriage

Health Care: Congress Battles While States Make Changes of Their Own

Loudoun County Thrives as D.C.’s Wine Country

National Book Festival Highlights Importance of Literacy

Oktoberfest Brings Fall Brews and Flavors

Letter from the Editor: The Tech Issue

Austin Woman Magazine

Living the Green Life

Jen Ohlson Profile: Austin’s Beautiful Women

Indianapolis Woman/St. Louis Woman Magazines

Heart Health Series, February 2009

Back to Basics: Indianapolis School System

Global Awareness: International Education Programs

Head Start-St. Louis Woman

Out and About: Nightlife in Indianapolis

The Cauldron Magazine

Transcending Gender: my profile of a transgender couple in Greencastle, IN

The DePauw University Homepage’s Student Entrepreneurs

DePauw’s Cycling Obsession

Carter Johnson on Importance of Water Purification

Artist, Scientist, Poet: Pascal Lafontant

Active Art

Kristie Carter: Student and Small Business Owner

Varsity Swimmers Compete at Nationals

Documentarian with a Cause: Ganga Devaiah

Fit to Broadcast: Media fellows

The DePauw Newspaper

Landmark Homes of Greencastle

Nature Park Opens, Dedicates Two New Buildings

PAC Construction Causing Inconvenience

Washington Semester Program

An interview with Helen Thomas

USA Weekend

5 things to detect Seasonal Affective Disorder

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