Meet the New Ambassadors

On Thursday last week, the Senate confirmed 27 ambassadors by unanimous consent from countries including Iraq, Greece, Colombia and Nigeria. Read up on your favorite country’s newest representative in Washington:

Jim Jeffrey: Iraq

Maura Connelly: Lebanon

Scot Marciel: Indonesia

Gerald Feierstein: Yemen

Daniel B. Smith: Greece

Peter McKinley: Colombia

Alejandro Wolff: Chile

Rose Likins: Peru

Terence Patrick McCulley: Nigeria

Phillip Carter: Cote d’Ivoire

Francis Ricciardone: Turkey.

Bisa Williams: Republic of Niger

Helen Patricia Reed-Rowe: the Republic of Palau

Patrick Moon: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Christopher Murray: Republic of the Congo

Mark Charles: Zambia

J. Thomas Dougherty: Burkina Faso

Eric Benjaminson: the Gabonese Republic and the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe

James Frederick Entwistle: the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Laurence Wohlers: the Central African Republic

Judith Fergin: Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste

Michael Owen: Republic of Sierra Leone

Robert Porter: Republic of Cameroon

Pamela Bridgewater Awkard: Jamaica

Michele Thoren Bond
: the Kingdom of Lesotho

Paul Jones: Malaysia

Phyllis Marie Powers: Republic of Panama

Luis Arreaga-Rodas: Iceland